Listening to my family and watching their family activities.  I remember being told at one point to shut my window because I was not allowed to be apart of it. 


I Am Worthy

In the beginning I accepted this.  I made excuses for said person because I wanted to believe that I was worthy, the thing is I was worthy, that person was not worthy

Dear Asshole

You took my worst fear, which you knew, and you made it a real-life event for me.

I am NOT about that life

The world we live in is happy to jump right in and tear you down just for being yourself.  We are not a society of a dictatorship where we must all conform to be the “Stepford Wives” of the world, we are a society of multiple genders, colors, and beliefs, it is sad that we squander it.


I am done wasting time on those that don’t want me in their lives.  I am 36 years old and it is time to refocus.